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The Best SKB Bow Case for a Mathews Halon 32 Bow

The Best SKB Bow Case for a Mathews Halon 32 Bow

When choosing a bow case for your Mathews Halon 32 compound bow, there are several factors to consider. It’s important to find the right case that offers protection and security that you can trust. SKB makes some of the best on the market. Let’s look at what makes their cases stand out from the rest. 

Top SKB Bow Cases for Mathews Halon 32

When it comes to choosing the best bow case for your Mathews Halon 32, you'll want to consider both protection and maneuverability. SKB bow cases are a great choice for keeping your bow safe and secure during transport and storage and offer great features for portability.

SKB iSeries Medium Parallel Limb Bow Case (39.75") 3i-4214-PL

Closed SKB Bow Case SKB 3i-4214 for Mathews Halon 32

This iSeries case offers a hard-shell for protection. SKB iSeries cases feature a gasket-sealed, water and dust-tight, submersible design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage. This case also features lid storage for the quiver, a dozen arrows, and accessory boxes. All iSeries cases include an unconditional lifetime warranty. For easy transporting, this case includes in-line skate-style wheels and snap-down cushion grip handles on three sides for comfortable lifting and carrying.

SKB iSeries Double Bow Case (40") 3i-4217-DB

Closed case SKB 3i-4217-db for Mathews Halon 32

This double bow case features the same protection features as the iSeries case listed above but is designed with a rigid foam bunk-bed system for protection and stable positioning of two bows or a bow/rifle combination.

SKB Archery Bag & Backpack (45") 2SKB-4516-B

Closed SKB Case 32-2SKB-4516-B for Mathews Halon 32

This archery bag and backpack is made of a lightweight but durable 600 Denier Cross-dyed fabric. It includes accessory pockets inside and out, hidden backpack straps, and a shoulder strap that converts into a bow sling.


No matter which SKB bow case you choose for your Mathews Halon 32, you can rest assured knowing that your bow will be safe from damage during transport or storage. All three options provide superior protection thanks to their heavy-duty construction materials and foam interiors designed specifically for protecting bows like yours from bumps and scratches—you can trust that your gear will remain safe until you reach your destination!