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Are SKB Bow Cases TSA Approved?

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Are SKB Bow Cases TSA Approved? 

Bows and arrows are not permitted by the TSA in carry-on bags and must be checked. Because checked baggage can be handled roughly, it’s important to have a quality bow case that can handle being tossed around. SKB bow cases are a great choice because they are made with a tough exterior and interior foam that helps protect your gear.

TSA Approved SKB Latches

If you would like to lock your bow case when it is checked, it's smart to have a TSA approved latch. If TSA deems a checked bag is subject to a search and a TSA agent is unable to open a locked case, the agent has the authority to break the latch to open it. But, with a TSA approved latch, the lock can be opened without breaking it. SKB offers a variety of TSA locking latch kits that you can buy and install on your SKB case. These locks are designed to meet TSA specifications, so your bow is safe and secure during travel without having to worry about any damage being done.

What to Look for in a Bow Case for Travel

To protect your bow while checked for travel, we recommend a case that is impact resistant with a strong exterior and superior foam padding on the interior. It's important to also look for convenience features for traveling. SKB bow cases are designed to be watertight, dustproof, and are built to military standards. The SKB iSeries Small Single Bow Case is made of high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, which is resistant to impact damage and corrosion. It has in-line skate-style wheels and cushion grip handles on three sides for comfortable lifting and carrying for easy transport. The SKB iSeries Small Universal Crossbow Case has cubed foam inserts to customize and match the size of whatever you're safely transporting.

SKB bow cases are designed to meet the highest standards for quality and durability when it comes to transporting your valuable equipment. They also have the option to add TSA approved locks so you can be sure that your gear will remain safe while traveling. Before you travel, be sure to double-check with the TSA for the latest regulations, as they may be updated! Happy travels!