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Case dimensions do not include accessories


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Top 10 SKB Bow Cases

Top 10 SKB Bow Cases

Anyone who owns a bow needs to have a reliable and durable case to keep it safe and secure. Whether you’re an archer or a bowhunter, having the right bow case is essential. SKB has long been known for making some of the best cases on the market, so here are the top 10 SKB bow cases that every archer or bowhunter should consider. 

1. SKB iSeries Medium Parallel Limb Bow Case (39.75")

If you’re looking for a hard-shell case for your parallel limb bows, then look no further than this great option from SKB. SKB iSeries cases feature a gasket-sealed, water and dust tight, submersible design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage. This case also features lid storage for the quiver, a dozen arrows, and accessory boxes. All iSeries cases include an unconditional lifetime warranty.

2. SKB Hybrid Bow Case (41")

This hybrid soft case is a great combination of durability and protection with portability. This case will accommodate a wide variety of bows including the Mathews Z7 and Z9 series with the quiver attached and arrow storage in the lid. The exterior is made of a rugged 600 Denier ballistic nylon and the interior is made with a rigid EPS to provide structure and protection.

3. SKB iSeries Ultimate Single or Double Bow Case (46")

If you need something more heavy-duty, then this double compound bow case might be just what you’re looking for. This rugged case can convert from a single bow case with an accessory tray to a double bow case. The case includes a bunk-bed style foam divider with a removable, adjustable accessory tray on the lower level to hold all of your arrows, a long target stabilizer (up to 36" long), quiver, optics, and other accessory items. When the accessory tray is removed, the case can accommodate two bows, one up to 46" long and the other up to 44" long.

4. SKB iSeries Medium Parallel Limb Bow Case (39.75")

This medium parallel limb bow case is a great option for storing and transporting a parallel limb bow up to 39.75" long. The case features a gasket-sealed, water and dust-tight design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage. It also includes lid storage for the quiver and twelve arrows in addition to an accessory box and in-line skate-style wheels for easy transport.

5. The SKB ATA Univeral Parallel Limb Case (39")

This is a great option for those looking to protect their parallel-limb bows. This case will fit nearly any model of parallel limb bow and quiver, sight, and stabilizer. The ATA line of cases are airline approved and include molded-in bumpers and ribs that are designed to absorb shock and vibration 

6. SKB ATA ATA Universal Double Bow Case (50")

This is one of the largest cases that SKB offers, giving you plenty of room to store your bow with interior dimensions of 50.00" x 14.75" x 6.00". This case is capable of accommodating two bows or one bow with extensive accessories using SKB's trademarked "bunk-bed" padding and divider protection system, along with wheels for transportability. This ATA-approved case also includes TSA-approved locking latches.

7. SKB iSeries Univeral Recurve Bow Case (41")

This SKB case has four SKB patented trigger latches, four reinforced padlock locations, cushioned snap-down handles on three sides, and recessed, and in-line skate-style wheels. The interior features a custom foam insert to accommodate the most popular single take-down recurve riser and two sets of limbs. This iSeries case also has a uni-body design, which eliminates the need for excessive metal reinforcing hardware found on traditional flight cases. 

8. SKB iSeries TenPoint Vapor RS470 / Nitro 5050 Crossbow Case (39.38")

If you’re looking for a case specifically to fit a TenPoint Vapor RS470 or TenPoint Nitro 505, then this is a perfect choice. Featuring watertight, dustproof, military-grade construction, this iSeries case was built to meet all the demands and specifications of the US Military and is the perfect solution to protect your valuable crossbow investment.

9. SKB Bow Traveler Case (42)"

The SKB Bow Traveler is a great choice for an overnight hunting trip. This travel case provides rigid, padded protection for your bow and accessories in the bottom compartment with room above for clothes and other essentials.

10. SKB Hunter Series Universal Bow Case (38.75")

The SKB Hunter Series Universal Bow Case is perfect for transporting your bow and up to 12 arrows safely. The case features a rigid ABS shell, an 8-point interlocking stacking system, a perfect-match valance bending system, and lockable draw-bolt metal latches. The SKB Hunter Series includes a 5-year warranty.


No matter what type of bow you have—be it recurve, hybrid, or compound—having a reliable and durable bow case is essential when transporting your valuable equipment from place to place or storing it away safely when not in use. With these top 10 SKB bow cases at your disposal, you can trust that your gear will remain safe and sound wherever life takes you!