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Case dimensions do not include accessories


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How to Measure Your Bow When Buying a Bow Case

How to Measure Your Bow When Buying a Bow Case

As an archer or bow hunter, you know the importance of protecting your bow. A bow case is essential and it's important to make sure that you have the right size case for your bow. Without proper measurements, you may end up with a bow case that is too small or too large for your equipment. To make sure you get the perfect fit for your bow, you must first measure it accurately. Let's take a look together at how to measure your bow for a case.

Measuring Your Bow Length

The most important measurement for finding the right case is the overall length of your bow. To find your bow’s length, you will need to lay your bow on a flat surface and measure from one tip of the bow to the other, at the longest point on your bow. If measuring the length of a compound bow, you will measure from the ends of the cams and not from axle to axle. This will give you an accurate measurement of your bow’s total length. Add 2-3 inches to your length measurement to determine the appropriate interior dimensions of a case. If you want additional equipment attached to your bow while in the case, attach those items to include in your measurement.

Measuring Bow Width

Similar to the way to measure bow length, you will need a flat surface to accurately measure the width of your bow. Measure the widest point on your bow and make sure to include any accessories attached to your bow when measuring.


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Why Measurement Matters

It’s important to get accurate measurements before buying a bow case because cases come in different sizes and shapes depending on what type of bow they are meant to hold. Some cases are designed specifically for recurve bows while others are designed specifically for compound bows, so having accurate measurements will ensure you buy the right size and shape of case for your specific type of bow. Additionally, having accurate measurements will help you avoid buying a case that is too small or too large, which could potentially damage your equipment or make it difficult to transport safely.


Bow Cases to Consider After Measuring

Now that you have your bow's measurements, it's time to look for a case. If you're looking to provide your bow with the best protection in a case, then look no further than an SKB bow case at BowCaseStore. SKB iSeries cases come with foam-lined interiors, waterproof and dust-tight design, are made from ultra-rugged material, and include a lifetime warranty. Our list of top 10 SKB bow cases is a great place to start along with the iSeries Size Chart to quickly find case dimensions.


Bow hunting demands precision - and that starts with accurately measuring your bow! Get it right, and the search for a secure-fitting case will be a breeze.