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What Is A Bow Stringer?

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If you are a professional archer, archery enthusiast, or a hunter, your bow is your most powerful weapon that helps you conquer the territory, be it during a tournament or while hunting game. Archery is a beautiful sport that allows you to let go of yourself and calm down, whether you have friends with you or are completely alone. While some people think archery is a dangerous sport, nothing can be further from the truth.

Of course, archery comes with its fair share of danger and possibility of injury but as is the case with every sport, there are safety protocols and equipment that help you stay safe from getting injured due to a sharp arrow or cutting your finger from the bowstring. There are several guidelines that you should always remember, such as “Never dry fire your bow” or “Never aim at any object or person unnecessarily”.

Similarly, archery experts always suggest that you should make use of a bow stringer every time you want to string up your recurve bow. Speaking of bow stringers, this article contains all the information you need regarding this handy accessory, as well as its usefulness in archery.

Bow Stringer Basics

A bow stringer is a specialized archery tool that is built to help archers in stringing and unstringing their recurve bows with absolute safety and peace of mind. While most professional archers have their own methods for stringing a bow without the need for any equipment, experts suggest the bow stringer provides you with the safety way to string your bow.

Bow stringers are readily available in archery stores, both physical and online, so if you are interested in buying one to easily and safety string or unstring your bow, you can get one right away. There are several options and varieties that you can get with bow strings, but their basic function remains the same, so no matter which one you buy, you will be able to use it with your recurve bow.

When you buy a new recurve bow, chances are that the manufacturer or retailer will provide you with a complimentary bow stringer to go with your purchase, to make it easier for you to string your bow when you take it out for a practice shot, or to replace the bowstring with a better one. However, most of the stock bow stringers that come with the recurve bow aren’t really helpful, so you might have to purchase a better one.

What Makes a Good Bow Stringer?

As mentioned above, there are several types and varieties of bow stringers that you can find. The one thing you need to take care of is that the bow stringer should be highly durable and sturdy. You should ensure that the stringer is made according to high standards, which means that it should be safe to use, difficult to break, and also last for a long time.

The materials from which the bow stringer is made are also of vital importance. First and foremost, its strap should be made from a tough and durable fabric, such as nylon. Secondly, its cup should be covered with a non-slip rubber to ensure that it doesn’t slip from your hands while you are using it to string up your bow.

Moreover, the bow stringer should also have a rubber grip at the center of the strap, so that it stays securely on the stringer and doesn’t move around. If the bow stringer doesn’t have durable materials, it can not only cause a hindrance in the stringing and unstringing of the bow, but it may also damage your recurve bow.

Another thing you need to look out for is the length of the bow stringer. A rule of thumb is that the longer the bow stringer is, the easier it will be to use it on different sized bows. This fact is particularly useful for you, especially if you own different sized bows or a larger bow than most archers have. Moreover, if you have no idea of the bow stringer you should choose based on its size, you can choose the longest one, as it will be compatible with your recurve bow.

How to Use a Bow Stringer?

Now that you know what a bow stringer is, here is a step-by-step process that will help you get familiar with its use as well.

1. Get the Bow Ready

The first thing you need to do is to get your bow ready by putting its limbs together, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Next, locate the string loop on the top of the bow, and it is easier to locate since it is larger than the bottom one. Take the loop that comes with your recurve bow and push its top end through the top loop, sliding it down the top limb.

Once you have done this, take the bottom loop and push it through the bottom string loop, which is located on the bottom limb of your bow.

2. Put the Stringer on the Bow

The bow stringer is attached to the bow in a similar fashion to the bowstring. The saddle end of the bow stringer goes over the top limb and lies securely in place when you pull it further along the limb. Next, take the pouch-like end of your stringer and slide it over the bottom limb. Since the bottom end is designed to securely hold the tip of the bow, it doesn’t slide off from the limbs.

3. Put the Stringer on the Bow

The next step is to hold the bow with the stringer close to the floor, and step onto it with your feet spread slightly apart. Next, hold the bow by its grip and pull it upwards to stretch the limbs. While doing so, slide the top string loop into the string grooves present on the top limb.

Once you have done this, you can remove the bow stringer and examine your bow. Hold it away from your body, in the position in which you shoot the bow. Make sure that the string is locked securely in the grooves, and your bow is now ready for shooting. Once you use the bow stringer a few times, you will be able to string or unstring your bow much quicker.