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What Is A Kisser Button?

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Whether you are a bowhunter or make use of archery gear to hit the target at competitions and tournaments, the key is to maintain precision and accuracy. While practice and good equipment is the key to developing proper accuracy and precision, you can also make use of several equipment and accessories to improve. Among the many things that you can find, a kisser button is one of the best things you can find to take your archery skills to the next level.

Before you go out to buy a kisser button right away, have a look at this article, which guides you through the basics of a kisser button, including its importance, pros and cons, and usage.

What is a Kisser Button?

Basically, a kisser button is a small accessory that is attached to the bowstring. It is called the ‘kisser’ button because you actually level it between your lips when you draw the bowstring, and it enables you to become more consistent while drawing, aiming, and shooting the arrow. Since it stays fixed in place, the kisser button provides you with a regular reference point that you can use to improve your form, as well as your accuracy while trying to hit the target.

Using the Kisser Button

As mentioned above, the kisser button doesn’t replace the sight of your bow, but this complements it. Although using both of them at the same time can be quite beneficial for you, you will have to take care of the installation to ensure that your positioning and aiming doesn’t become misaligned. Even the most professional and experienced archers can experience problems while using both of them simultaneously.

Most archers pull the bowstring and hold the kisser button between their lips, but it doesn’t allow them to see through the sight, thus hindering you from shooting a perfect shot. Therefore, installing the kisser button correctly is highly important for your performance.

Where and How is the Kisser Button Placed on the Bow?

If you have gotten a kisser button, you can easily install it on your bow. You need a few supplies to install it, such as pliers, a tape measure, clamps, and an extra set of hands. The first thing you should do is to measure one or two inches above the D-loop, and place the kisser button on the marking. Pull back the bowstring and get the other person to adjust the kisser so it aligns between your lips near the corner of your mouth.

Once the split located in the kisser button faces away from your lips, you can place the clamps that come with your kisser button. Normally, you would get instructions that guide you on how you can install the button. Lastly, you can use the pliers to tighten the clamps in place, and you are good to go.

Pros and Cons of a Kisser Button

A kisser button is quite a popular accessory for archery, and most archers simply can’t do without it. However, there are also other archers who think it slows down their arrows’ speed and hinders their performance. To find out which side you should be on, have a look at these pros and cons.


One of the biggest advantages of using a kisser button is that helps you consistently direct all your shots at the same target, without wavering even slightly. It gives you a reference point and when you install it correctly, you can shoot as many shots as you want on the same target, provided that the button is aligned between your lips near the corner of your mouth. Moreover, if you are inconsistent with your shots, a kisser button will also help you find this out, and you will be able to improve your shots accordingly.

Apart from this, the kisser also helps you keep your draw consistent. Normally, the arrow can be drawn higher or lower than the previous shot but when you install a kisser button, you have a reference to follow, so that your draw doesn’t go off by even an inch. Plus, the kisser button also allows you to keep your head in the same position, so that you can aim properly.

If you have a kisser button installed on your bow and you have to quickly take a shot, you will be more confident about hitting the target, as compared to an archer who needs some extra time and practice to be able to hit the bullseye. Therefore, you will have an edge over your competitors and be able to line up your shots properly.

With the added confidence that you get from installing a kisser button, it will also help you maintain a clear mind and also prevent worrying about missing the target.


One of the biggest arguments against kisser buttons is that they cause a lot of confusion for archers when they are trying to aim at the target. Since they already have the sight installed, experts suggest that they don’t need any other accessory to help them aim properly. Moreover, using a kisser button from the beginning of your archery journey will make you become content and unwilling to practice and further your skills.

Larger Reference Point
For a kisser button, the frame of reference is the corner of your mouth, since it is placed between the lips. This is quite a large reference point, and it also requires you to keep your mouth still throughout the training session or competition, otherwise your shot placement can change by a few inches and your shot can become inaccurate as well.
That is all you need to know about the kisser button and its use in archery. If you think you need a kisser button to improve your positioning and consistency, then nothing should stop you from doing so. However, if you think you should polish your skills even further without it, then a little practice and deliberation will take you a long way.